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TheSky Professional Edition is designed for the advanced or professional astronomer. The Professional Edition contains the greatest number of features, largest databases and most pictures. It has all the basic features described in the student version (See our SKU ATSWSWSE)

In addition this version has these features:

TheSky6 Professional Edition is designed for the advanced or professional astronomer. The Professional Edition contains the greatest number of features, largest databases and most
pictures. It includes all the standard features, native telescope control for virtually all commercial telescopes

and more.

Features of TheSky6 Professional Edition:

Native Telescope Control.
Display/Import Minor Planets.
Display/Import Extended Minor Planets (display all known minor planets simultaneously).
Display Satellites.
Data Wizard.
Field of View Indicators.
Integration with TPoint for Windows.
Image Manager.
Multiple Mapping Projections.
One hundred thousand, 1.7 arcsecond per pixel, in-place PGC images.
High-Resolution Moon photographs (100 meter resolution).
UCAC2 Stellar Catalog.
USNOB Subset Stellar Catalog (fills out UCAC2).
Extensive scripting object model.
Integration with CCDSoft’s Auto-Astrometry.
Integration with AutomaDome for complete, closed-loop, automated dome control.
Includes Orchestrate Scripting Software.
DVD or CDROM format.
Image Link.
Native support for the raw, USNO B1.0, 80 gigabyte catalog (catalog not included).
Integration with CCDSoft’s CCD Camera Control.
Integration with CCDSoft’s Digitized Sky Survey support.
Export Star Chart Layers.
Internet Telescope support for accessing telescopes over the Internet, as part of the Internet
Astronomy Software.
Astronomy Command Language (ACL) support.
Paramount ME support.
Telescope Application Programming Interface (TeleAPI) allowing third party-custom telescope support.

TheSky6 can control the following telescopes:

Any Telescope supporting the Astronomy Command Language (ACL)
Astro-Physics GTO German Equatorial Mount
Autoscope Telescopes
Celestron Ultima 2000
Celestron NexStar 4 (all models)
Celestron NexStar 5 (all models)
Celestron NexStar 8 (all models)
Celestron NexStar 11 (all models)
Celestron CGE (all models)
Celestron NexStar 60
Celestron NexStar 80
Celestron NexStar 114
Celestron NexStar 130
DFM Engineering Telescopes
Meade Autostar #497
Meade Autostar II (LX200 GPS)
Meade LX200 Classic Series
Software Bisque Paramount GT-1100
Software Bisque Paramount GT-1100S
Software Bisque Paramount ME
Losmandy Gemini (emulates LX200)
Meridian Systems ArcImage
Telescope Applications Programming Interface (TeleAPI) for third party-custom telescope support
Quadrant Systems Coordinate III
Takashi Temma Mounts
Vixen SkySensor (emulates LX200)

TheSky6 is designed to run on the following operating systems: Windows 98, Windows ME,Windows NT4 (SP 6a required), Windows 2000, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional. TheSky6 does NOT run under Windows 95. At least 200MB of disk space is required to install TheSky6 Student Edition and about 1GB for the Serious Astronomer Edition. Over 3GB is required for full installation of TheSky6 Professional Edition. At least 128MB of RAM is recommended (as always, more RAM is better), and a quad-speed or faster CD ROM or DVD drive is desirable during installation.
Performance with a processor slower than a 200MHz Pentium or equivalent is likely to be unsatisfactory.

Downloads free The Sky Professional Edition - Astronomy Software:

Download: http://www.files.to/get/385953/od9defxal0


Download: http://www.files.to/get/385959/okc2acwkzu


Download: http://www.files.to/get/385963/ai6n4nlqzt


Download: http://www.files.to/get/385978/36wnfv4lvt


Download: http://www.files.to/get/385979/3a2en39frj


Download: http://www.files.to/get/385997/tp83dqevw9


Download: http://www.files.to/get/386031/2×58p9adm6


Download: http://www.files.to/get/386073/lxay4tyqm0


Download: http://www.files.to/get/386111/yzvvaex775


Download: http://www.files.to/get/386514/pf8see0xc5


Download: http://www.files.to/get/386547/kcn3xlilce


Download: http://www.files.to/get/386630/yuqpcvnwtc


Download: http://www.files.to/get/386653/emzf34vdxi


Download: http://www.files.to/get/386682/qnpjazks5b


Download: http://www.files.to/get/386705/0vuw1hv57s


ZShare: http://www.zshare.net/download/184274980c9090fc/
Netload: http://netload.in/dateiMTE3MTU2NT/TSKY.v6.0.0.52.part16.rar.htm


Download: http://www.files.to/get/387026/vzgn6imppd


Download: http://www.files.to/get/387051/c286hp967d


Download: http://www.files.to/get/387173/mcn1tdubky


Download: http://www.files.to/get/387181/hlbit2aglc


Download: http://www.files.to/get/387175/4i456ybs9v


Download: http://www.files.to/get/387198/t871clpig1


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